Art Design

When we think of one of our creations we think of something that can resist over time, something that goes beyond fashion. Something that can in many ways be unique and unrepeatable.

If our classic collections enhance the material, the study of castings, the almost infinite combinations, the Arte collection expresses the freedom to work with materials without restrictions, free from preconceptions.

Artisan quality projects able to enhance and embellish prestigious environments.
Possoni modella capolavori di luce, dedicati a chi apprezza la bellezza e la qualità più esclusiva.

Pensare, Plasmare, Creare

The design of our products comes from the union of ideas and artisan experience

Chandeliers of artisan quality able to enhance the space enriching it with magical reflections. Possoni light is not just lighting, but beauty that enhances the atmosphere of prestigious environments and enhances its nobility through the multiple compositions, made with precious and rare materials.

Eco of regal interiors, the design of our lamps joins the concept of "timeless", in which the imperative is to transmit: an idea free from any influence, the artistic value of craftsmanship and unique materials and the irrefutable value of Made in Italy productions.

Buying one of our lamps therefore means buying a value that has no time, a suspended value that can last and always give new emotions.

Design Studios & Contractor

Our technical office has always collaborated with architecture firms and contractors from all over the world, supporting them to provide the best solution and the most suitable answer to multiple requests.

From the choice of the type of collection, to the customizations, from the materials to the type of lighting, we passionately support our customers for the creation of unique and precious rooms.

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