The foundation

In 1963 Pasquale Possoni, with his wealth of knowledge and experience gained in the lighting sector and thanks to his entrepreneurial skills, founded the "Ditta Artigiana Lampadari". From the beginning it stands out for the prestigious elegance of its creations that combine passion, precision and the best Italian artisan tradition.


The family tradition, from the beginning

The “Ditta Artigiana Lampadari” has its roots in the typical Italian manufacturing tradition. In these years, the sons Claudio and Edgardo, will join the staff bringing their personal contribution to support their parents (Pasquale and Lidia). A family tradition that continues today.


The affirmation of the "Possoni Classic Style"

The “Ditta Artigiana Lampadari” immediately stands out on the market for the creation of brass chandeliers. An ancient art that the company interprets with skill, thanks to its knowledge and a long tradition in the design and solid brass processing. This is how the "Possoni classic style" is affirmed, which will become synonymous with the recognizability of the Italian brand all over the world.
In 1978, Rosanna Possoni also began her collaboration following the path of parents and brothers, thus continuing the family tradition.


The whole production takes a leap in quality

The 1980s are years of great evolution. With the creation of exclusive models, the entire production makes a decisive leap in quality. The choice of used finishes, metals and materials expands considerably. Precisely in these years are created the first collections with the help of excavated glass (an ornamental glass with a rough surface with a matte finish) and alabaster (precious and ancient material).


The commercial expansion extends to foreign markets

The production site expands with the addition of a new 1,000 m2 complex, where the entire production takes place. The Ditta Artigiana Lampadari reaches an ever more incisive commercial expansion, reaching, thanks to the valuable production, also the: European, United States, Southeast Asia and Arab markets.

In these years, the company has also started to participate in trade fairs: first the Milan Trade Fair. Then: Euroluce (now "I Saloni" Milan), Mondoluce and Abitare il Tempo in Verona.


The “Ditta Artigiana Lampadari” becomes “Possoni Illuminazione”

In 1992 The “Ditta Artigiana Lampadari” becomes “Possoni Illuminazione”; a change aimed at highlighting the solidity of the company and the sales network, made up of increasingly competent agents to promptly respond to any need and to provide a constant consulting service.


Pasquale Possoni is Cavaliere del Lavoro

Pasquale Possoni is awarded Cavaliere del Lavoro, an honour conferred by the past President of the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro for the results achieved at entrepreneurial level, for economic development and for the ethical and social commitment carried out constantly through his company.


International trade fairs and the Russian market

Possoni Illuminazione introduces even more luxurious collections into its production, thanks to the combinations of precious ground crystals and Swarovski® pendants. In these years, the company began collaborating with the interior design sector, through the creation of large chandeliers for: hotels, hotels, large villas and prestigious spaces.
The beginning of the new millennium also marks the participation in the first international trade fairs such as: Frankfurt (Light & Building), Dubai and UAE (Index), Morocco (Madeinit) and Moscow (Crocus). Also in these years, the strong expansion began on the Russian market (Ex-Soviet Republics) which will become one of the first reference markets


Fifty years of success

Year of the fiftieth anniversary of the company.

Fifty years of ever-growing international success, fifty years in which the Made in Italy brand (characteristic of the company) has become increasingly prestigious.


Tradition reaches the third generation

Possoni Illuminazione continues the family history today, designing and creating those unique pieces that it contributes to spreading and distributing in the world. A commitment that has been handed down over the years, reaching the third generation today. Possoni models masterpieces of light, dedicated to those who appreciate beauty and the most exclusive quality.