Made in Italy

Creativity, Elegance, Quality, Beauty, Attention to detail, Tailoring

Here's what Made in Italy is for us.
It's our history, our culture, our DNA.

An indissoluble part of our way of being, a natural movement that accompanies us throughout the creative and design process up to the creation of a unique object in all respects, capable of expressing beauty and transforming it into an emotion.

Light craftsman

Prestigious, sophisticated light fittings obtained through precise and top-quality craftsmanlike working methods: this has always been the distinctive feature of the entire product collection of Ditta Artigiana Lampadari since its founding in 1963.

At the head of this highly qualified company was Pasquale Possoni, talented businessman, awarded the“Cavaliere del Lavoro” honour in 1994, who established a family-run business supported by his wife Lidia and his three children Claudio, Edgardo and Rosanna, who then took over the company and managed to pursue and develop the course led by their father.

Best Italian tradition of craftsmanship. A 50-year long tradition mingled with modernity

Focusing on the production of brass light fittings, a hallmark of traditional classic style, Ditta Artigiana Lampadari, afterwards renamed as Possoni Illuminazione, was able to expand its position both on the domestic and international market making a name for itself in the production of beautiful examples of the quality and excellence of Italy's fine tradition of craftsmanship.

At Possoni Illuminazione production is carried out with craftsmanlike care and attention to detail, combined with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure excellent performance at every stage.

A high degree of flexibility and readiness in finding the solutions that best suit the needs of a wide customer base is another key trait of Possoni Illuminazione.

Based in Nova Milanese since its origin, the company gradually enlarged the small production facility to its current 2,500 square metres of manufacturing area.

Italian manufacture

Possoni Illuminazione is by far more than a company that has been producing interior light fittings, chandeliers, lamps, wall and ceiling lamps for over 50 years.

Possoni Illuminazione stands above all for genuine 100% Made in Italy products, highly refined and accurate down to the smallest details, adding a sense of everlasting elegance to any home.

A skillful combination of first-class materials, a carefully studied mix of elements and colours, master crafted decorations and a passionate commitment to work makes every light fitting unique.

Possoni Illuminazione offers you the pleasure of choosing among many different solutions that always reflect elegance and undisputable quality.

At Possoni Illuminazione styles and materials are steadily renewed on a constant search for innovative ideas and solutions to cater for the various needs of our customers: our creations are true pieces of furniture, exceptional lighting collections to give your home an original and striking style.

Possoni quality


Each and every light fitting – lamp, chandelier, wall or ceiling lamp – bears the unique Possoni label, a genuine proof of Made in Italy authenticity.
Quality, tradition, creativity and handcrafting techniques: these are the core values of our company and brand.


Possoni Illuminazione makes use of top-grade materials, such as brass combined with high-quality hand-ground clear or coloured glass with exclusive details; alabaster in various colour shades with made-to-order decorations; hand-blown glass and, last but not least, Swarovski and Schoeler rock crystals, definitely the best on the market, used for pendants and beads.

Production process

As well as using plating baths for gilding and silver-plating brass, most of our finishes are achieved through manual methods using abrasive pastes to obtain a satin finish, paints for gold/silver finishes, powders or earth pigments for French gold finish, and gold leaf for rust/gold leaf finish. Ranging from the more traditional to the more specific, they emphasize and highlight the details of every single piece calling to mind antique suggestions of unceasing beauty.